Wednesday, November 29

Family Resemblance

Hubby's cousin Olin and our son Bud.

Twins, born 20-odd years apart.

How does God do that?!! wow. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 15


I may have created a monster!

I upgraded to Blogger Beta and now my blog looks all wonky.

This may take some fixin.

Consider this site "under construction" until further notice, or I keel over, whichever comes first.

Friday, November 10

A Belated B-day Post

I was blessed this week with a memorable birthday! Tuesday night, the eve of my b-day, was spent at Applebees with one of my best buddies, Julie. She's the kind of friend that you can just pick up where you left off, even though months may have passed since you last spent time together. She is the mother of two teen boys, and she has blessed me with words of wisdom for raising my own son, countless times. I am so thankful to have her forging the trail ahead of me in the world of raising boys. This is the cover of the card she gave me:

I came home from Applebees to find Steve & the kids waiting for me with homemade cards, and my presents. They didn't want to wait until the next morning, they wanted me to open them then, so I obliged.

Now, before I tell you what they gave me, let me just say that Steve made a speed run to the big city after his bus route, with strict instructions to be back before Julie picked me up. I was kind of perturbed to be honest. Was he really rushing out the night before my b-day to get me something? "Typical man" kept running through my mind. The gifts I opened surprised me. I received the prettiest Bible cover, and a book. Not just any book, mind you. A title that I had checked out from the library and just fell in love with. I had said at lunch that day, in passing, that I would like to own that particular book. Now I do... thank you honey!

The day of my b-day was just perfect. The sun was out and it was breezy and very warm. We spent most of the day outside, scurrying around like squirrels before a storm. We got some last-minute outdoor chores done, just in time as it snowed this morning. My MIL Eva stopped by with this:

The plate is a Holly Hobbie collectors plate that says, "the time to be happy is now, Christmas 1973". She has added to my collection over the years, and she loves to give flowers. Thanks Mom Eva!

My Dad & his wife don't know it yet, but this is what they got me:

Some friends & I are gearing up for next year's adventure. Hiking the Superior Trail, which stretches from Two Harbors, MN to Canada. It runs parallel with the shore of Lake Superior, for over 200 miles. While we won't be able to do the whole thing in one fell swoop, we will complete it a little at a time, even if it takes a few years. Any hikers out there who'd like to join in on the madness? BTW, thanks Dad for the book!

So many cards & calls, from family & friends. I am so blessed. Thank you all for the b-day greetings!

Now, it seems that time has gotten away from me. I will be on the lake, paddling with Jodi, in 8 short hours. I need to hit the sack.

God bless you all.