Friday, March 24


This is for all IE users. I've tweaked my blog template some. I hope it helps with the readability of my blog. It still wants to display in all caps, which I DO NOT like, but I can't seem to change it.

If you're not using Firefox, get on board! It has proven to be way faster, and easier to use. Not sure about compatibility with Macs but you can find out for yourself at this link.

Have a great evening!

What? You'd like a real post you say?

Seriously? Like a real story or some cute anecdote? Well, okay. I'm a little rusty though.

First, I just want to apologize to all of you IE users. I had NO idea my blog went haywire, with the huge fonts and all. I will try to fix it asap! I use Firefox(it rocks!) and never test my blog in IE. So I'm on it, soon to have it fixed (I hope).

Yesterday was a topsy-turvy day of emotions. We laid to rest a dear, sweet lady who I'll always remember as "Char". She was always smiling and helping or encouraging her friends. She always told it like it was, but was so gentle and sweet. She SO loved the Lord, and you could just see Him pouring out of her. Char, I will miss you so much, and just cannot wait until I get to heaven and hear what you've been up to and the fun you've been having in your new body, free of that horrid cancer that took you too soon from us!

I had a steady stream of tears from the time we left for the funeral until we picked the kids up from the sitter's. Steve would look at me and say, "how you doing" and then the floodgates would open. I'll tell you, by the afternoon I was exhausted. How does crying make you so tired? What a mystery.

When we got home we had lunch and put Mudge down for a nap. The older two behaved so well, and let me just go to my room and shut the door. Solitude. I really needed it. Did I sleep? Nooooo. I sat at my desk, coffee in hand, and slaved over our blog header. It's still not what I wanted, but I am learning so much. Plus it's so fun to play with the kids' pictures.

Later in the day the phone rang. I hesitated answering it, as I just didn't feel like talking to anyone. I did answer, and who was on the other end but my DH. He struck up enough courage to call me to ask me out on a date! (His words, not mine.) He'd even lined up a sitter. Now 2 sitters in a day is a rarity, but we really needed to spend some time together. So off we headed to the big city to the north for some supper. We had 16 minutes to decide where we were going to go. I really had no preference, but a little Mexican sounded good. (Side note: I cannot say "little Mexican" without picturing a stout little guy with poncho & sombrero)

For those of you who don't know, Casa Mexicana in R.L. has the best Mexican food! And reasonably priced too! Their walls are painted a guacamole green, they have handmade Mexico-themed crafts hanging all over, and there's authentic Mexican music playing on the radio (loudly). It was so fun. We devoured the chips & salsa, ate Chimichangas, laughed, and drank a Dos Equis each. It was just like old times. Just what my exhausted-self needed. Thank you honey.

We then came home, tucked in the kids, watched a rotten movie, and got to bed too late. The end.
We love cheese around here. It's a killer to the ole weight loss plan, but oh well. Steve loves pepper-jack, and has been known to eat a whole bag of pepper-jack cheese curds all by himself, in one sitting. Just imagine that a moment.....

Well the other day Bud said, "I know what kind of cheese Dad likes best! It's spicy lumberjack!" Ohhhhh, you've got to love him.
I need some serious strategy tips on dealing with a strong-willed child! (Are you listening MD?) Mudge has decided that it's okie-dokie to throw herself down on the floor/mattress/table and flail, all while throwing a verbal fit when she's told "no". YIKES! I have no idea how to deal with this! Yesterday she repeatedly threw herself against me because I wouldn't let her in my lap to read a book. I was right in the middle of searching the bookcase for Bud's book and she thought she should have priority. I finally took her upstairs to her crib this morning when she wouldn't stop with the verbal barrage. This after she was told to SIT DOWN in her high chair. I haven't heard anything up there for awhile now, so I'm assuming she's snoring. She most definitely was up too early, a-la Junior at Cartoon Living.

So send your ideas, pronto.
And now I leave you with some photos. Have a great day, weekend, etc.!

What would you guess is Bud's favorite pastime?

Just turn your back for a second.......


Canoecopia 2006

The Canoecopia DH so graciously let me go to meant a solo trip to Madison to lose myself in everything kayak. It meant a long round trip. No kids. Loud tunes or no tunes. Uninterrupted prayer time. Watching a sunrise & a sunset while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Eating breakfast while reading the newspaper; again, uninterrupted. So many things that day were a treat in themselves.

I never THOUGHT to do this with my kayak. I mean fishing?!? For pete's sake.

This is called an Adirondack boat. It's like a hybrid canoe/rowboat. Very beautiful. Handmade.

BIL Chuck escorted me to lunch at The Red Robin. We ate well, talked smart, and had a good visit.

Yum. That's a Freckled Lemondae in the funky glass, dinner salad, and Baked Potato Soup w/ Foccacia. Chuck had unlimited fries and a jumbo burger.

Chuck & Red Robin himself.

Steve would recognize this from our detour. (Inside joke)

And finally..
My girls.... each who loves the other dearly.

Wednesday, March 22

Headers Give Me A Headache!

I have been attempting to jazz up our blog with a new header. I really want to include pics of the kids and some scrapbooked-looking extras. Well, I'm pulling my hair out. I KNOW I'm making this too hard, and giving myself a headache in the process. Some of you know that I love a computer challenge, and I will not be deterred. I WILL figure this out. In the meantime, bear with me, and if you've got any ideas on how to do this, fill me in.

And because it's lunch time, and I've already spent oodles of time at my desk, there's not much else I can offer in the way of a post today. So, blog on.

Tuesday, March 21

Sunday, March 12


For those who get notified when we post, I apologize for the last few. I'm playing around with getting pics uploaded in order change our header. Sounds technical.... and quite honestly, it's more than my brain can handle today, so please disregard today's posts. Check back this week to see what's new.





Wednesday, March 8

today's lessons: Sew Blessed

If you've got a moment to spare, head over to Today's Lessons and read about mercy & grace. You will not be disappointed.

today's lessons: Sew Blessed

Sunday, March 5

Maybe Moving

Hot on the heels of Cartoon Living's news of a possible move, I'm announcing our thoughts on moving too.

At the moment, I'm trying out TypePad. I really like the lists, the photo albums, and the comment area. I DO NOT like how sterile the whole thing looks, and you can't change that much. What a bummer. Also, it's not free. And free is good.

So, without further adieu, I give you (temporarily)

Anderson Adventures @ Typepad

All comments are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, March 4

Cutest Bunnies, EVER!

You all have got to get over to Today's Lessons to see Thicket Dweller's bunny pictures. Their bunny moms had bunny babies, and they are so cute! Only 4 days old!

today's lessons

Wednesday, March 1

Weather Warnings

Our little clan headed north this past weekend for some R & R. We really had a good time. We played at an indoor waterpark in Duluth on Sunday night, and then went exploring the north shore of Wisconsin on Monday. Very beautiful!

We were expecting to see tons of snow in and around Brule and Ashland. We thought wrong. They have only slightly more than us. This seemed really strange to me. I'd been watching the weather warnings & forecasts for that area for the whole previous two weeks before our trip. I wanted to know what we should anticipate for snow depths while we were out on dead-end roads and river landings. According to all that I'd seen, there should have been tons of snow. It really seemed strange to me.

Is our national forecasting system that messed up? I'm beginning to wonder who these forecasts are intended for. Is it the "no common sense, needs to be told everything, including don't go out today it might snow flurry, kind of person"? That same person who doesn't carry gloves and a hat with them when it's ten degrees outside?

Maybe I'm becoming crotchety in my middle-age, but we should just lighten up on the over-zealous forecasting, already.

At the risk of sounding like an old grump; when I was a kid, winter storm warnings meant: get extra provisions, don't plan to travel, and expect to be shoveling afterward. Now it just means: expect something, maybe. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf.

And on a related note....

Has anyone else noticed that the more days the forecast is for, the less accurate the forecast for the next couple of days? Now really.... who needs to know what the weather is supposed to do 7-10 days from now? I would appreciate an accurate idea of the next 3-5 days, thank you.

Wow, I just read this post. I need to quit grumping now. Besides, I need to check the weather radar.