Friday, June 26

Before I Lose My Connection

I have very iffy wifi here at the park.

I'm forced to make a short list, instead of a post, for each of these items. I might be able to expound later.

  • hummingbirds here are fierce, if that word can possibly be used for the little bird. They buzz around here making that noise the Jetson's flying car makes. I love it!
  • Our cat brought a baby chipmunk into the house yesterday morning. It was not injured, but it did get away from the cat and quickly scurried behind the woodstove firewall. It stayed there all day until I could take its pitiful squeaking no more! I tore apart the firewall to extricate the little guy, who quickly dashed to our bathroom. I trapped him in a box & let him out the back door. The cat loves her chippies! She loves to hold them, not hurt them.
  • Steve finally got his official NPS uniforms. He looks very handsome in uniform, but a little silly when he accessorizes with Sis' Jr. Ranger hat ;)
  • Our house showed yesterday. No word yet on their interest.
  • We also looked at a house yesterday. It's on 37 acres, has a foundation laid for a huge workshop, and the house is only a shell. That could mean great fun in completing it how WE want. Please pray for this!
  • I start my new job today. I will be a server at the restaurant here at the National Park. It's called Pappy's, and I can't wait to get there & straighten tables, chairs, and reset the tables. I'm a little OCD when it comes to this kind of thing. I chalk it up to working at Canoe Bay. (can you relate Mol?)
  • It rained the most wonderful rain last night. My little-bitty garden in our little-bitty backyard is thriving. Peppers, tomatoes, summer & zucchini squash, & mint (for the Mojitos!)
  • One of my perks with my new job is free access to any rental pontoon. When you live at the largest lake in the state, access to a boat is HUGE. Can't wait to hit the water.
  • I could list bullet points all day, but alas! My battery is dying & I can't sit on my front stoop any longer (the one & only place I get wifi).
Enjoy your weekend everyone! Keep in touch!