Friday, June 27

Changes... One Hug, One Dance at a Time

I realize that this video has been circulating for some time. I'm slow to catch on to some of this stuff.


I just love this. Can't watch it enough.

It ranks right up there with the video I mentioned on this post.

See if you can only watch it once.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 26

All the Pretty Colors!

How do they expect me to get anything done when they offer something cool like this?!?!

Too much fun! No?

Friday, June 20

It Was Only a Matter of Time

What do you suppose it means when your oldest wants to listen to your old ZZ Top tapes. Yes, I said tapes.

In addition, his current favorite song seems to be "Lonesome, Onery, & Mean" by Waylon Jennings. For this I can thank his Uncle Fun.

I suppose I can also thank Fun for the fact that Sis likes to sing "Cat's in the Cradle".... just to irritate her brother which then irritates me.

What does it all mean?!?!?!?!

I just had to ask Bud to turn his music down.

I'll tell you what it means, I'm getting old.

Friday, June 13

Farm - 101

You might say that I jumped head first into this farming thing.

A friend needed to find a good home for her pony. Could I take him?
"Sure! How much do you need for him?" "If you'll take him soon, he's free!"

Just ask my hubby... There's no such thing as a free horse.

After almost losing Twister to a deadly horse disease last summer, and a terrible bout of colic on April Fools Day, we're on a 1st name basis with the horse doc.

Twister's doing great now. He's lost a lot of excess pounds, and has a clean bill of health.

He's a handsome boy.

How hard can raising chickens be?!

Actually pretty easy. If only the dog could be trusted to leave them alone, they'd be free-range. They have the next best thing though. I keep moving their HUGE chicken yard around and they scratch & peck to their hearts' content.

Now we get almost a dozen of these beauties a day.

Sometimes they fuss over who gets a certain nesting box, or they just share.

Then I got the bright idea that I'd like to incubate some eggs. Wouldn't that be fun? Well, let me tell you ... It was horrible. We incubated 22 eggs, hatched 12, lost 6. It was hard to take.

However, we now have 6 beautiful babies:

Meanwhile, these shenanigans are going on....

And finally, I may have reached my limit.
I'm a pig farmer now. We are officially "Windkist Farms, LLC". We'll be taking pork orders all summer, in conjunction with a partner farm, and selling all-natural pork in autumn. I believe all orders are filled, and we're taking reservations for next year. How cool is that?!

Meet "Hot Rod" & "Sparky". Sisters who are practically joined at the hip. They sleep, eat, and play side by side.

It's all very exciting, and exhausting on some days. Put up fence, haul feed, mend fence, move the "babies", clean the coop, yada-yada-yada.

Our kids are lovin' it. We have fresh eggs, pork coming in the fall. Fresh air & exercise, and this greeting me 3 times a day.

Life is good.