Tuesday, September 8

Reliving My Past

When I was a kid we spent so much time on Pueblo Reservoir, south of Colorado Springs, that it could have passed as our second home.

I have logged countless hours fishing off the rear sundeck of a boat.

So, why shouldn't they?

I owned my first fishing rod when I was 2. I'm not sure when I started baiting my own hook, or taking my own fish off. I'm confident there's a special place in heaven for the grandparents who patiently took me fishing, even if that meant that I was going to cast out and reel in 10 million times in one afternoon.

Fishing is one of my most treasured childhood memories.

So, I'm going to do everything I can to make it their's.

Our family vacation time, as a kid, almost always involved a boat. I have a very strong love & respect for lakes & rivers now.

I can only hope that my children will learn to love time on the water, just as I do.

Watching a boat motor throw a rooster tail is as familiar to me as my own reflection.

Thank you God, for helping me pass these memories down to my kids.

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Girls Camp - Labor Day '09

We had such a good time, the girls & I. We headed out on Sunday afternoon for the West Elk Wilderness & found a great, remote campsite. We chose to stay in the forest instead of a campground in order to avoid barking dogs, late night revelers, and dust from the driveways.

We lucked out on finding this site. It took 4-wheel drive to get there, but we were in walking distance from a little creek, had peace & quiet, and lots of wildlife to observe. Last night we had 2 deer wander through just after sunset. The coyotes were howling both nights, but sounded quite a ways off. If we had a dollar for every chipmunk we saw Steve could retire early! Lots of fun.

My girls were ultra tired when we finally got home today, so I'm sure a nap is on the agenda.

Saturday, September 5

Our Piece of Heaven on Earth

Feel free to click on the above image for a better view....

In about 2-3 weeks, we are, quite possibly, going to be the new owners of 36 acres with a roughed-in, shell of a home, We still need to install the septic, some doors & windows, the insulation, and, well, just about everything!

The only things done are: the well, the exterior walls, roof, some windows, and the pilings for the wrap-around deck supports.

As God would have it, there is also an existing foundation for a large shop for Steve, a small barn, and a seasonal creek (which runs down the center of the property).

It is about a 20 minute commute for Steve & about an 8 minute drive to church, the library, the pool, groceries. It's a 5 minute drive to the ski hill, and about a 2 minute drive to one of Bud's new friends from Boy Scouts.

I can't put into words how excited we are!

Thanks be to God!

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Friday, September 4

1st SIL K8 is 48!

Holy Cow! K8, can you believe this is from 3 years ago?

Happy, Happy B-day from Gunnison! We love you & miss you & cannot wait to get you out here!

ps: I know this is late. Yesterday was nutso, will fill you in soon : )