Tuesday, September 8

Girls Camp - Labor Day '09

We had such a good time, the girls & I. We headed out on Sunday afternoon for the West Elk Wilderness & found a great, remote campsite. We chose to stay in the forest instead of a campground in order to avoid barking dogs, late night revelers, and dust from the driveways.

We lucked out on finding this site. It took 4-wheel drive to get there, but we were in walking distance from a little creek, had peace & quiet, and lots of wildlife to observe. Last night we had 2 deer wander through just after sunset. The coyotes were howling both nights, but sounded quite a ways off. If we had a dollar for every chipmunk we saw Steve could retire early! Lots of fun.

My girls were ultra tired when we finally got home today, so I'm sure a nap is on the agenda.


molly said...

I have loved seeing you bloom out there! :) What fun adventures you are undertaking. I'm thrilled for you! I have a trip mapped for next summer that has a stop in Gunnison planned. Would you be up for it? :) I'll save my pennies!

Betsy said...

So beautiful! Kinda makes me miss living out there!