Tuesday, January 23

Cool Ride!

I don't know which would be more fun to drive!

I am getting a chuckle out of the fact that I can see this photo, and the rest of you haven't been able to see it! Banana is beside herself with curiosity. Blogger 'Beta' is kinda messed up, folks. Quirky, and frustrating. I am able to view my blog entry, complete with 'cool ride' photo, and you are not. Kind of defeats the purpose of blogging, in some regards. I promise to try and get this photo to post in a new entry, but don't hold your breath.

On another note: Norovirus has struck again. This time Sis got it in the overnight hours. Now, Bud is the only one of us who hasn't had it. I hope it stays that way. A girl can only do so much laundry!

Friday, January 19

Lest I Forget

After seeing Hubby & Bud off Wednesday morning, the Lord showed me his handiwork in the eastern sky. While puttering around out at my desk I glanced out the window and something wasn't quite right. I ran to get my binoculars & camera, hoping the whole way that I didn't just see a plane falling from the sky.

With my binoculars I was able to see a comet, for the first time. I missed the whole Haley's Comet thing when it happened, so this was very exciting! I quickly Googled space news and found out that this is the Comet McNaught.

Very neat, only wish I could have gotten a better shot, or that I could share with you what I saw through the binoculars. Very cool.
Thanks God!

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Tuesday, January 16

Preparations for the Fall.

Some of you may know that we sent Bud back to public school for the last semester of this school year. I had been, shall we say, stretched these last few months. Mentally, emotionally, and physically stretched, with extended family personal issues.

While I am enjoying my time home with the girls, I am terribly missing Bud being here too. So, without any further rambling, I would like to ask you what you know about the Wisconsin Virtual Academy Charter School? I understand they use the K12 curriculum, which we've used in the past, and loved.

I should post, for the record, that I need a curriculum that is totally laid out, step by step. I am the polar opposite of organized! What I DO NOT need is a school district laying out deadlines on me. STRESS! (even if mostly self-induced).

Every time I turn around I'm confronted with an idea of how to teach Bud something, or "wow! wouldn't Bud love to do a study on that?", or "cool, what a great field trip that would be!" But then all of those things don't jive well with the time-constraints of him gone all day. Did I mention he gets on the bus at 7 AM!? Then, once off the bus, there's chores, homework, dinner, shower, bedtime. : (
This can't be all there is..................

Please comment, or email me, anything you might be able to add in regards to the Virtual Academy. But most importantly, please pray for wisdom for Steve & I.

Friday, January 12

Remember One Another

I know that I sometimes usually get so caught up in what's going on in MY life, that I forget to reach out to others and be a blessing to them, help them in some way.

I need to be purposeful in offering to babysit, make a meal, send a card, and pray! So many little things, that can make such a difference.

Shannon talks a little about this in regards to us as Mommies.

Check it out.

Tuesday, January 2


With a Winnie the Pooh video playing in the living room, I overhear Sis asking Hubby:

"Dad, just what kind of animal do you suppose Piglet is?"

It must be the sweater that he wears that throws her off.