Monday, October 20

No News Is Good News

We called about hubby's application. They have it, but won't be reviewing any apps for 2 weeks. Apparently they've had 2 crucial administrative positions open up and they need to tend to those first.

So glad to hear they haven't filled the position yet! We're still in the running!

More updates to come....

Friday, October 17

The Suspense Is Killing Me

Well, I've eluded to the fact that I have something to share...

I just can't keep it secret any longer...

Anderson Adventures has started the ball rolling...

We might be moving!!!

Hubby has applied for the Head Heavy Equipment Mechanic position in Park County, Colorado, my home state!

Just when I had succumbed to the idea that Wisconsin was now home. HA! God has such a sense of humor.

We are in the early stages of land hunting on that end, via the internet, and slimming down our possessions on this end. Emailing numerous realtors on that end, hoping to sell our properties ourselves on this end.

All while homeschooling, keeping our business floating in this economy, and trying to remain sane.

So, if you would, please pray for us. We need patience, we need foresight, we need wisdom, we need SLEEP!

I'll leave you with some pictures of a piece of property that we're interested in. This will be the first piece of land we'll walk with a realtor, should we fly out for an interview. Lord, make it soon. When it snows out there, it doesn't mess around, it piles up, but then God, you already knew that...

Wednesday, October 15

Coffee Mate Season

There are 4 things in this photo, completely unstaged, that reminded me of my coffee buddy this morning.

1 ~ the coffee tin she gave me
2 ~ a star, like she has in her home
3 ~ a coffee creamer, not unlike the kind she shared with me
4 ~ a steaming cup of java

I miss my coffee buddy.....

Tuesday, October 14

Enough To Make Me Blog

Yes, I have a bazillion things I truly want to blog about, but right now there are too many irons in the fire. Eventually I'll pull some of them out & blog. I promise, there will be updates, and new things revealed (suspense...)

However, something happened in our little town, involving the hubby of a good friend, and I feel like venting. So here goes...

Her hubby, like mine, drives bus for our small school district. Now, our district itself might be small, but our buses travel far & wide, during all kinds of weather, with various degrees of misbehaving children. Your stomach would turn if I shared with you some of the stuff those kids have pulled on the bus.

Yesterday morning, while trying to pull the bus off the road, her hubby tipped his bus over in the soft soil. Praise God no one was seriously hurt! It is my understanding, based on things written by the news media, that her hubby has been, or will be cited for inattentive driving, and this is where I vent!

Why is it not being reported that he was trying to deal with a disciplinary issue?!?! Inattentive driving!? He was being attentive to a multitude of things. Things each bus driver is forced to deal with, which in my book, is a load of hooey.

I'd like to see the parents, whose children were causing a ruckus on that bus yesterday, held accountable as well! I would also like the local news media report all of the details, instead of making it look like her hubby was off daydreaming!! We have good drivers in our district. We have lousy behaving kids in our district. Lets get all the facts out, shall we?

The next time you see a bus driver, give them a "thumbs up" and send up a prayer for them. You can't imagine the malarky they put up with daily, all while trying to keep the kids & others on the road safe!

This now concludes today's rant.