Wednesday, October 15

Coffee Mate Season

There are 4 things in this photo, completely unstaged, that reminded me of my coffee buddy this morning.

1 ~ the coffee tin she gave me
2 ~ a star, like she has in her home
3 ~ a coffee creamer, not unlike the kind she shared with me
4 ~ a steaming cup of java

I miss my coffee buddy.....


molly said...

I miss you, too, my java friend. :)
I think of you a whole "latte" lately, with excitement, and sweet memories.
Have a great fall day and consider yourself hugged!
With tears,

Anonymous said...

I love the redesign (or did I just start getting the whole shebang because of some software upgrade?) Oh well. Love the wallpaper. Love the font. Easier on the eyes ...

Great to see you back. I've missed you.

-- Kate (1st SIL)