Friday, November 28

Flat On My Back

I found myself, standing almost paralyzed, in the chicken coop Wednesday afternoon. I've been a little sore near my tailbone for a week now (due to some Tae Kwon Do) but didn't think anything of it. Suddenly on Wednesday life came to a screeching halt!

Thank God for Steve! He put all his "stuff" on the back burner and tended to me & the kids. He served me dinner in bed & kept the kids occupied while I tried to lay quietly. I tried every combination of stacked pillows, laying on my side-stomach-back. Nothing would stop the pain! Now normally I can take just about any pain you can throw at me, but not this one. It was "make you stop mid-sentence, catch your breath, tears in your eyes pain.

Then I remembered the Tylenol-3 in the cupboard. Within an hour I was sleeping peacefully.

Turkey Day was spent laying in bed or sitting in the Lazy-Boy. I was bored out of my mind!

Again, thanks to Steve, the kids were fed & occupied throughout the day.

It's episodes of down-time like this that remind me to be thankful, from my very core, for all of the things God enables me to do physically, and to not let a day go by that I don't praise Him for my health!

I cannot WAIT to get outside and re-stack that trailer load of hay bales! I will be singing praises the whole time, believe-you-me! I will take that over a Lazy-Boy day anytime!