Friday, November 28

Flat On My Back

I found myself, standing almost paralyzed, in the chicken coop Wednesday afternoon. I've been a little sore near my tailbone for a week now (due to some Tae Kwon Do) but didn't think anything of it. Suddenly on Wednesday life came to a screeching halt!

Thank God for Steve! He put all his "stuff" on the back burner and tended to me & the kids. He served me dinner in bed & kept the kids occupied while I tried to lay quietly. I tried every combination of stacked pillows, laying on my side-stomach-back. Nothing would stop the pain! Now normally I can take just about any pain you can throw at me, but not this one. It was "make you stop mid-sentence, catch your breath, tears in your eyes pain.

Then I remembered the Tylenol-3 in the cupboard. Within an hour I was sleeping peacefully.

Turkey Day was spent laying in bed or sitting in the Lazy-Boy. I was bored out of my mind!

Again, thanks to Steve, the kids were fed & occupied throughout the day.

It's episodes of down-time like this that remind me to be thankful, from my very core, for all of the things God enables me to do physically, and to not let a day go by that I don't praise Him for my health!

I cannot WAIT to get outside and re-stack that trailer load of hay bales! I will be singing praises the whole time, believe-you-me! I will take that over a Lazy-Boy day anytime!


Jo Girl said...

sorry to hear about your back! I hope you're feeling better. What a Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

That's horrible we hope your feeling better and look forward to hearing from you soon! Love Mike Amber and the kids

Thicket Dweller said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It's words like yours that keep my words flowing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope today you are feeling even better. Don't over do in the coming days, even if you are feeling better and have that ATTITUDE - "OK I'm Good To Go"
full it in stride for a few days!

To Hubby & the Kids "Bless Your Hearts" for taking such good care of Mom.

Love You All,