Thursday, September 18

Walking the Walk

Well, this weekend is finally here, and I'm shocked it came so quickly!

The 3-Day Breast Cancer walk is this weekend. The one I've been preoccupied with since February is finally here! I leave tonight for the Cities in order to be there for opening ceremonies at 7 am.

We will walk 20 miles a day, for 3 days. We'll camp each night at base camp & have many rest stops along the route.

Base camp is one big celebration of sharing this experience with one another. Sharing stories of our loved ones, and hearing the incredible survival stories of those who have beaten breast cancer. This will truly be live changing, I have no doubt!

I want to thank all of you who so generously gave donations! Without you, the advancements in prevention & cure wouldn't be possible.

Please know that it's not too late to donate! I'm very close to reaching my goal of $2,500.

I've included a link to help me reach my goal.

Won't you please consider giving to this great cause?

Thank you so much!

Help me reach my goal for the Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day!