Tuesday, February 9

Makes Me Want to Unplug

To everyone who received the scam email this morning that I was stuck overseas without $ or a visa, blah blah blah, absolutely disregard it! I am safe & sound in Colorado, wishing I knew how to even begin tracking down the person who has turned my world upside down today. They would not be so safe & sound.

If you & I have emailed back & forth, would you please send me a note saying "howdy!"? That way I can start rebuilding my email contact list. The yo-yo who hacked my account deleted every single address & email I've acquired in the last 5 years!

If we correspond on Facebook, could you send me a friend request? They got that account too and deleted over 200 friends & family. Oooh, if I ever find out who they are....

And finally.... I love you all, and appreciate your concern, but please don't call. I've been on the phone so much today, assuring people I'm not in London or explaining, "yes, I know you received a scam email from my address, I'm sorry, just delete it..." It's really old news considering I found out about it at 5 a.m. this morning. It's been a long day.

And one last thing.... to those of you still using hubby's cell phone number... please stop. We only use those phones for emergencies, will not likely get your message for days, maybe weeks. You know who you are.

And now, I'm off to make myself a margarita. I do believe I earned it today. Adios.