Monday, April 25

Did I mention I'm officially a soccer mom now? And if that's not enough, I'm assist. coach for Sis' team, the Dynamos! This means we're in the big city 2 times a week for practice & games. Mix this with normal household chaos, errands, cooking, sleeping, laundry, and nursing, I think I've exceeded my allotted 24 hours in a day. What's a mom to do? I keep reminding myself that it's only for the month of May, it's only for the month of May. Then summer takes off at the speed of light!

So, while I'm planning crockpot meals for Tuesday & Thursdays, nursing Mudge before "the big game", pouring Bud and Sis into bed after their games so Bud can get up and go to school the next day, I will remind myself that "this too shall pass."

The house is sleeping right now, so I tiptoed around and took pictures. Steve was on to me, so he had to fake it. The kids didn't even flinch. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24

I DID write this...

Steve took a hiatus from church this morning, as he's not feeling well. When we got home we found him hen-pecking away at his own blog entry. Bear with him, as his word processing skills are, shall we say, zero. He did pretty good though, and I got a chuckle (which I needed, 'cuz I took 3 kids to church by myself today!).

I did NOT write this......

Hi, thought I'd try this so here goes. I am a stay at home Dad, which is to say I work out of my shop in the back yard. I say I'll work on any thing that is not an airplane or a submarine as I cannot swim or fly. Also nothing that is illegal or imoral. So far my customers have kept me to that pretty well, as right now I have a pair of armoured personal carriers both British, They have bullet proof sides,top, and bottoms they also have turrets and machine gun mounts, no guns though! I also have a early 50's Oliver 77 diesel tractor to rebuild. I have had a semi tractor to work on at the same time as a golfcart. business has been so varied that it can never be boring.
I built my son [8 today] a gocart when he was 2, took the first test drive just before he turned 3, he begged to come but it wasn't finished and
I did'nt think he should, I was right. He is a great son very smart and good looking. his Mom homeschooled him for first grade and when they tested his reading ability to go to 2nd grade at school he tested beyond the 7th grade level I am very proud of him and his mom who sometimes wore her patience into the next week. But she never took short cuts or skipped any thing and she even did the extra things to make it fun and applied to every day life. Bud is just about done with 2nd grade and he is much more involved in physical activity and runs faster and trys harder for it but public school hasn't caught up with him academicaly. As an aside he wasn't pushed hard to get to be interested in school.
He wants to be homeschooled again so he can learn more and not be distracted by uncontrolled behavior of his peers.
Sis turned 4 in january and can't wait to go to school, she is already an advanced colorer, glue, and scissors artistshe can steer the gocart but doesn't ride by herself,she loves to ride her bike,play with dolls, aggravate her big brother and hold and play with her little sister Mudge.
Mudge is a hand full who is to interested in life and every thing around her to want to take naps. She loves her big brother and sister and is calmed down by them almost as much as by her mom. Her mom is a wonder in herself who I first noticed going around a corner in town in her very own 72 chevelle which was silver with crager ss wheels cowle induction and by the way she had very big blonde hair,man that is a hot picture in my mind, one of my alltime favorites. After getting to know each other we were off to a long road of friendship that was quite unusual and eventualy pecular.
Enough about that, we were married in december of 95 afer I gave her the choice of a engagement ring or a vw bug. We still heve the bug. Every now and then Ithink mabe I should still get her a ring but Iworry that it would cheapen the gift of the bug. Tammy has been a wonder ful wife who although at times our basic selves clash,I couldn't ask for anyone to love me more or support my good or critique my bad.
any woman who gets involved with a man expecting him to change is just as folled as the man who expects the woman not to.
Tammy used to be very involved in mechanical things, four wheeling, atv trail and mud riding, she had a suzuki quad sport atv of her own. She still has the Chevelle it was her first car and I dont't like to think what would happen if she had to choose between it and me. Now she is a mom and wife,she has turned into an adventurer,she and her friend left me and the kids home so they could go to Utha on aguided river rafting trip. they brought back some good stories and pictures. Mudge was the next years adventure but when she is big enough to be left with Dad and siblings Tammy and Julie will take another explore. People have been astounded that she can just leave the kids with me for a week,I think that is preposterous, I am thier Dad and am somewhat involved in thier upbringing i can feed them make sure they have clothes on and even get them to church. They are my kids too.
So any way life has changed very much. Tammy found out about What a wonderful God that God is and she accepted Jesus as her saviour several years ago which eventualy made me realize what I had put away, you see I had accepted Jesus when i was 10 or 12 but due to failings of myself and my church and others I decided to run my own life and I messed it up pretty good,I had done some good stuff like buying my house and 33 acres but I really was floundering spiritualy and moraly. When Tammy started attending church I just knew I would wind up there also but as we do in so many things in life I put it off. I didnt want to meet people or change my life but God was convicting and Tammy was to. now I love my church family which I have been blessed with two of, we go to a baptist church about 1.5 miles from home and sometimes go to an alliance church just down the road.
I was raised in a small pentecostal church and my Mom says I am missing out because I don't go where tounges are spoken but I would rather be feed from the word of God by some one who practises what he preaches. My pentalcostal preachers kids were the best examples of what the world has to offer, with drinking, premarital sex and pregnant before marriage in their teens, then the pastor went on t extra marital affairs and inappropriate stuff with young girls.
My current pastor says the first duty of a pastor is to raise his family correctly and Godly. I don't always agree whith everything he says but I dont think he is wrong either. doesnt make sense does it? I have found that God loves me and forgives me even when I do wrong and he forgives me when I admit my sin, but I am not so easy to forgive myself,I thank God fore my family,including my Mom. His provision for my bussiness has been a lesson in faith and trust. He provides customers even though I dont even have a sign on my building, I have never in 2.5 years caught up with my work and that is a blessing I canot account for. My kids are wonderful I don't deserve that. Tammy I do deserve or at least I like to think so. Some day we are going to put a 454 big block in her chevelle and maybe go racing, she thinks the kids will enjoy that ! Me toooo. She has started a kayack sales company because me and the kids don't keep her busy enough she has a name, Living Waters Kayaks, she has a logo and she has a business number and doesn't have a boat to sell. I have confidence in her though she will make it work or will give it up depending on how it affects her as a mom she has great common sense which isn't so common any more! I wish I could post a picture of her when I first saw her back in 86 or 87 with her big blonde hair! May be she could do that but she won't do that for me. Well if you have read this far you probably need to get a life of your own. but maybe this is not so long as I type slowly and I don't proof read , I type equally poorly with either finger so I guess that makes me ambidextrious. TTFN [tata for now] STEVE

Friday, April 22

What better way to spend an early Saturday morning. This is MD's 1st kayak voyage (she's editor-in-chief of The Lord blessed that day with calm waters, fog, and He held off the rain until we had the boats loaded and ourselves in the van. He's so awesome! Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10

In-law induced laughter

When Steve reminded me of this, I immediately said, "this is going in the blog!" He said, "I knew you'd say that."

Years ago, when Bud was a baby, we called him "Peanut". It was a sweet little nickname for our sweet little boy. Well, "Lola" Eva found out we were calling him this and advised Steve against it.

Steve - why not?
Eva - well, you just can't call him that.
Steve - I don't get it, why not?
Eva - well you know what Peanut sounds like... kids will tease him.

Steve, at this point, knew full well what Peanut "sounded like". He just couldn't let this go without aggravating his mother.

Steve - Mom, I don't get it. what does it sound like?
Eva - you know.......... tallywhacker!

Steve shared this with his siblings and Kathy thought we could shorten it up to "Tally"

Thank goodness that nickname never took : )

Good night, and have a good week!

Friday, April 8

Go Take That Nap!

Here I am surfing blogs when I said I was taking a nap after lunch, NO MATTER WHAT. So, why am I doing this and not sleeping? I'll tell you why.... the girls are sleeping and Steve's on a parts run, and Bud's at school. It's so quiet here right now, and oh what a luxury to have uninterrupted reading time, even if it's while reading blogs. Ahhhhh.

Guess what? Sis just came to the top of the stairs and yelled, "MaMa?" I thinks God is telling me, "Go take that!" and who am I to argue with God?