Sunday, April 10

In-law induced laughter

When Steve reminded me of this, I immediately said, "this is going in the blog!" He said, "I knew you'd say that."

Years ago, when Bud was a baby, we called him "Peanut". It was a sweet little nickname for our sweet little boy. Well, "Lola" Eva found out we were calling him this and advised Steve against it.

Steve - why not?
Eva - well, you just can't call him that.
Steve - I don't get it, why not?
Eva - well you know what Peanut sounds like... kids will tease him.

Steve, at this point, knew full well what Peanut "sounded like". He just couldn't let this go without aggravating his mother.

Steve - Mom, I don't get it. what does it sound like?
Eva - you know.......... tallywhacker!

Steve shared this with his siblings and Kathy thought we could shorten it up to "Tally"

Thank goodness that nickname never took : )

Good night, and have a good week!

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