Thursday, May 19

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Wednesday, May 18

Say What? and What a Brave Boy!

Sis has been known to sometimes give a running commentary as to the status of certain body parts (hers). For example: "see Mom, the bump is not there on my foot no more," or "my finger that had a scratch on it yesterday is not hurting me this morning," or "my butt hurts." You get the picture.

So quite often, I admit, I half listen and half concentrate on the task at hand. This by the way, is multitasking, which moms long ago perfected, but never got credit for, but I digress.

So today I heard this:

Sis: My ear is hurting me.

Me (knowing that there are already 2 ear infections in the house): Point to which ear. Does it hurt inside?

Sis: No, on the outside. It's kinda scratchy. Maybe Mudge (her baby sister) hurt my ear.

Me: Oh, I don't think so. You'll be okay. ( I then divert attention back to bookwork).

Sis: Maybe it's.....

Now, at this point I'm really only hearing blah, blah, blah. And before you start pointing fingers, ask yourself if you hear every word your 4-year old says.

I follow this up with some hmmms, and uh-huhs. But then I hear:

"Oh, never mind, it's just peanut butter".


We kept Bud home from school this morning because he had a terrible, non-stop cough. Now, keep in mind, there are like 15 cases of whooping cough in his school system.

So with every cough I was listening for the "whoop", but It never heard it. Finally after lunch he laid down, but then had a 2-hour marathon coughing fit. Enough. I took him in to see the doc.

After looking him over, and finding the beginning of an ear infection, the doc asked if he could test for whooping cough. I immediately said okay. But then we found out what it entailed. They stick a 5" long, thin wire with a cotton tip up a nostril and hold it there for 30 seconds. Then they do the other nostril. Oh my.

I said we'd just skip the test, take the meds for the ear infection, and I'd keep him out of school for the rest of the week, as if he'd tested positive. The doc said that would be fine, except if anyone else in the household started coughing like this they'd have to be tested before they could be treated.

I can't even begin to imagine what this test feels like, and I would never want to see any of my kids have to endure it. Especially Sis. She's young enough to be totally scared of this nurse coming at her with a wire. And she's old enough to remember the experience.

I said, "what do you think Bud? You can decide." Up until now he's never had any say regarding meds, strep tests, or the like. This is what he said:

"I'll do it Mom. That way Sis & Mudge won't have to."

I am so proud of my son!

Tuesday, May 10

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Sunday, May 8

The sound of silence (yeah right)

Here's something funny.

Mudge has not slept a wink all day (that's not the funny part), so we went for a walk and got her to fall asleep in the stroller. I thought it would be way too risky to move her from the stroller into the house, so she's sleeping outside on the patio.

While I'm slaving away at the desk I notice that there is this incredible racket coming from outside. I cannot believe this! He (being Steve) is actually mowing the lawn, on a mower so loud it's echoing through the house. What is he thinking!

So I quick run outside, sure that Mudge is wide awake and scared of this noise. Nope. She's out like a light!

How can he mow the lawn and his dd keeps sleeping? I can tiptoe around, so as not to wake her, and she laughs at me when I peek in on her. Arghhhhhh!

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6

Weather Obsession

It's common knowledge among close friends & family that I'm a weather nut. Had I not started a family I could easily have been a storm chaser (can you just see the hubby and me tearing down dirt roads just to turn tail and run from some twister?).

I love to look at weather radar and guess the next move of a storm system. I LOVE to watch the western sky and watch the clouds build. And when those clouds start changing shapes & colors, oh man! The Lord knows this about me and blessed me with the most awesome western view of the sky possible, right from my window!

Years ago, I even looked into the degree in meteorology offered in St. Cloud, MN, but I hate math (sorry Jake & Brian): and, well, "math is kinda important in forecasting the weather" as I was told by Mr. D at Canoe Bay.

So, I'm left with old wives tales and past experience as tools for forecasting, which is way more fun and a lot less expensive than college ; ). I like to visit this site, just to dream.

I'd love to hear back from some of you... what did you dream of being when you grew up?

Kawfee Hawg

Kawfee Hawg \ kôf 'ee hôg\, n. A tall domestic animal, that consumes large quantities of homemade coffee. It occasionally brews it's own pot, but never drinks its fair share. Carries a LARGE stainless mug in which to horde said beverage. Often wonders why it can't sleep at night. Akin to the bed hawg and the blanket hawg. (See photo)

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