Wednesday, June 29

This is Steve, celebrating his 42nd birthday, last week. When will he ever act his age?

On Monday, June 20th, we had a squall line work its way through our area. I had just dropped Bud off at Bible camp for the week, and the sky quickly turned ominous. I think the wind kicked up a little, it rained really hard for about a minute and then it blew away. Very strange storm.

That same day, at sunset, the Lord showed Himself so magnificent! He painted the prettiest sky I have ever seen in my life. I was speechless. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27

Strawberries Are Yummy!

Mommy let me eat strawberries today. I have this neato mesh bag with a handle on it so I can eat all kinds of soft fruits & veggies. But, ohhhhh, strawberries are SOOOOO messy, I just love it! Mommy wouldn't let me go any further than the kitchen sink when I was done. She said something about "sticky". I think she was talking about me.

Oh what fun! Especially watching how fast Mommy would move when I'd pull myself up by the sink edge!Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 26

So Much To Blog, So Little Time

This weekend was organized chaos! So much happened that was blog-worthy I don't know where to begin. I think I'll start with a "funny".

Long story short, we went to a tractor pull last night. It was held in the big city to the north, and Steve & Uncle Roger were going to compete. Well, there was this gal who did an "exhibition" pull with her antique tractor. Now, I didn't think much of it, as there's lots of women into tractors. But this gal was different. She was dressed in tight jeans with her underwear showing over the top of her waistband (while seated on her tractor), a snug blouse, and low-heeled dress shoes. Yup. Low-heeled dress shoes, competing at a tractor pull. Kinda weird choice in shoes, I thought, but to each his own.

Well, this morning Steve came downstairs and said that it had suddenly occured to him who this gal was on the tractor. Apparently, years ago, there was this "he" who went away and became a "she". And "she" can hand-crank her own tractor, thank you very much! I thought it kinda explained the choice in shoes : )

I'll leave you with a sampling of pics from the pull. By the way, Steve got 2nd place in the 3200 lb class, Uncle Roger got 1st. Steve also got 3rd place in the 5500 lb class. I have a feeling there's more tractor pulling in our future.....

Just an added note: one of the tractors that Steve hauled up there had to be pull-started in order to load it on the trailer, and hadn't been run in only God knows how long. How many guys can say that about the tractors they tried to win those tropies with!?!

Uncle Roger

Steve taking 2nd. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17

Mudge & Gracie

Mudge & Gracie are reading Dick & Jane to Grandma Eva. These two cutie-patooties (the little ones) were born 2 months apart, and we suspect they will cause calamities at future family reunions. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15

Addition & Subtraction

Take one man plus one women, add 11 years.
Subtract his facial hair, and his & her locks.
Subtract 30 pounds from her, add 10-15 pounds to him.
Add one fine son.
Add two darling daughters.
What do you get?
One blessedly, HAPPY family.

1994 Posted by Hello


Time for War

Overheard today:

Doodle: It's your turn to go to war.
Sis: I don't want to.
Doodle: It's your turn to go.
Sis: No, ladies don't go to war.
Doodle: Yes, they do.
Sis: Well, okay.
Doodle: It starts at 6, and it's 5:00 now, so you have to go.

The Buddy System

While listening to the ump-teenth petty argument between Bud & Sis, I decided to try something new. I set them down on the stoop, made them hold hands and told them to sit there until further notice. I told them they could sit this way all summer if needed, but the bickering needs to stop. I couldn't help but grin at what I saw out the screen door. They did work it out, BTW. They were talking sweetly in no time. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14

My new favorite time-saver

I stumbled across a really cool time-saver. Literally saves hours in the long run! It's called Bloglines. It keeps track of all the blogs I frequent, and it notifies me when someone has updated their blog. No more surfing to see who's posted. Hurray!

You can check it out for yourself here.

Have a great day!

Yes, her long hair was pretty!
But when it's 90% humidity out, and she won't wear it up, and it's plastered to her hot little face......
Desperate moms call for desperate haircuts. She loves it, and I think she's pretty dern cute!Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 2

Where Have I Been?

First off...

For those of you who read my blog, well, I'm flattered that you're interested and that you keep returning to see what mischief we're into.

If you've been wondering about the lack of new posts lately, let me fill you in. I feel like I fell into a black hole! The kids and I were horribly sick with the cold that. would. not. die!

I am now entering into week #4 with this crud, it seems that my month of May passed at the speed of light. Thankfully we're now into June, -- I think.

Because I am preparing for a garage sale with MD (, I am limited on blogtime today. Hey! Did I just coin a new term? Blogtime?!? Remember, you read it here first!

But for all you mom's with infants, I'll be leaving you with a link to