Sunday, June 26

So Much To Blog, So Little Time

This weekend was organized chaos! So much happened that was blog-worthy I don't know where to begin. I think I'll start with a "funny".

Long story short, we went to a tractor pull last night. It was held in the big city to the north, and Steve & Uncle Roger were going to compete. Well, there was this gal who did an "exhibition" pull with her antique tractor. Now, I didn't think much of it, as there's lots of women into tractors. But this gal was different. She was dressed in tight jeans with her underwear showing over the top of her waistband (while seated on her tractor), a snug blouse, and low-heeled dress shoes. Yup. Low-heeled dress shoes, competing at a tractor pull. Kinda weird choice in shoes, I thought, but to each his own.

Well, this morning Steve came downstairs and said that it had suddenly occured to him who this gal was on the tractor. Apparently, years ago, there was this "he" who went away and became a "she". And "she" can hand-crank her own tractor, thank you very much! I thought it kinda explained the choice in shoes : )

I'll leave you with a sampling of pics from the pull. By the way, Steve got 2nd place in the 3200 lb class, Uncle Roger got 1st. Steve also got 3rd place in the 5500 lb class. I have a feeling there's more tractor pulling in our future.....

Just an added note: one of the tractors that Steve hauled up there had to be pull-started in order to load it on the trailer, and hadn't been run in only God knows how long. How many guys can say that about the tractors they tried to win those tropies with!?!

Uncle Roger

Steve taking 2nd. Posted by Hello

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fannie said...

And here was I thinking you were gonna post some pics of the crank yer own, high-heeled, panty-posin', slap yer gramma one. Sheesh. What do I know.

hee hee
Congrats to your family! That's great. Father will be jealous!!