Thursday, September 28


What you may have overhead at our supper table tonight:

Sis (sounding very concerned): Mom! Last night was "wear your favorite color" night at church! We forgot to dress me for it.

Me: well... what did you wear?

Sis: this pink shirt.

Me: I thought pink was your favorite color.

Sis: well, it is! But I wanted to wear my yellow dress.

I can still hear Steve's hand slapping his forehead.

Try as you might, you will never figure out a five-year old.

Love Is...

Sisterly devotion.

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Wednesday, September 27

Wordless Wednesday 9/27/06

A "good" homeschooling morning. Posted by Picasa

Hugs for all!

I can't think of a better way to connect with people than this!

Thursday, September 21

Love Is......

Going kayaking with your river-fanatic wife; although you have absolutely NO interest in the sport, can't swim, and are too tall to fit comfortably in your boat. That is love.

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Wednesday, September 20

Wordless Wednesday


I found this crawling through the wet grass, crying for its mother. I made a nest of dried grass and hoped for her return. Steve later informed me that it looked like a baby rat. Ewwwwww.

(I'm guessing that MD is totally cringing right now!)

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Tuesday, September 19

Note to Self: hush!

From my devotional, this morning:

Ephesians 4:29 (Amplified Bible)
29Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God's favor) to those who hear it.


Ephesians 4:29 (The Message)
29Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.

And after my day yesterday, which included a raised voice, and discouraging words, I WILL be obedient to the Word today.

UPDATE: Today went pretty well. Amazing what a little conviction will do, and focusing on God's Word throughout the day ALWAYS works wonders.

Please continue to pray for Jon & Emily, and the baby. Emily was taken by ambulance to the Twin Cities last night as she was having contractions, but didn't know it until the local doc saw her to monitor the baby. Emily had been doing kick counts but wasn't noticing any baby movements, so off to the local hospital they went, only to be directed to the Cities. The last update I heard was this morning. The doctors have stabilized Emily, and we are in a holding pattern.

Monday, September 18

I'm So Excited I'm Vibrating

Happy Birthday to me.....

Special Presentation:
The Lord of the Rings Symphony

October 13 , 14; 8:00 pm
with the Minnesota Orchestra,Minnesota Chorale and Minnesota Boychoir

Markus Huber, conductor

This spectacular multi-media event has filled concert halls worldwide. With more than 200 musicians performing Howard Shore’s unforgettable score from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, plus original illustrations and storyboards projected above the stage, you’ll be part of a magical, musical journey to Middle-earth. Costumes welcome! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 7

Time Away

This past weekend I received such a blessing! I headed up north for a ladies retreat. Just me, a book, the camera, and a duffel bag of essentials. Uncle Roger gave me a brochure about the retreat and my first thought was, "oh, maybe someday." But then God told me, "no, go now." So I took off Friday afternoon as soon as Mudge went down for her nap, knowing that my MIL would come watch the kids while Steve drove his bus route.

I drove 4-1/2 hours to get here:

More specifically, here:

(Please notice the name of the lake, and the unlimited exploring via kayak!)

I arrived JUST as everyone was sitting down for the evening meal. I was greeted at the door by a gal that treated me like we'd always known each other. Everyone was like this, it was almost like a reunion. I can't really describe how it felt to be with these ladies. Now, I know what deja vu is like, but this was different. Feeling so close to these ladies, but knowing that I would be leaving them soon to head home was very hard. I can hardly stand the fact that it will probably be a year before I see them again, as I plan on attending this same retreat in 2007.

We did the normal retreat "stuff", like games and crafts, and of course eating. We laughed 'til our sides hurt sitting around the campfire on Friday night, who says Christian women don't know how to have a good time? We filled up on homemade salsa that someone was kind enough to make before they came, and we just enjoyed each other's company.

The camp surroundings were just beautiful. Northern Minnesota is so remote, and so harsh, yet so breathtakingly pretty. We had the brightest, fullest moon, yet the northern sky seemed ablaze with aurora borealis. God was certainly showing off His handiwork that night.

I could go on & on about the blessings I received during my short stay at Miracle Bible Camp, and I'm sure I will post more about things that will transpire from my visit there. I have no doubt that the addresses & email addresses that came home with me will be the conduit for these new friendships to continue, and that is so exciting to me. Friendships are gifts that God has tailor made. New friendships are like Christmas morning to me.

One thing keeps coming to me, something that the guest speaker shared....

She said, "when you hear God's voice say 'go do thus & such', don't say to yourself 'boy, I really need to pray about this', and certainly don't postpone acting on what he's told you to do! You've just been given instruction. Don't question, don't worry, don't delay. He'll equip you for what you've been told to do. He'll bless you."

I know that I would have missed out on a lifetime abundance of blessing had I not gone to this retreat. I'm so thankful that I listened to Him, and was able to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord.

Wednesday, September 6

Prayer Request

Well, I sat down this morning to post for the first time in a month. I planned to recap our adventures of the late summer, but a phone call from my mother-in-law has me coming to you with a prayer request. Our sister-in-law Emily, who is currently expecting #2, is having some problems with her pregnancy. She, Jon, & Gracie (#1) are in Italy, for Jon's job, and really have no one there to lean on during this tough time. From what I understand, the medical facilities are lacking, and Jon wants to get the girls back to the states ASAP. Please pray that they would be able to get home quickly & safely, and that the trip wouldn't put baby or Emily in any more distress. Also pray, please, that this certain problem with the pregnancy will turn out to be inconsequential, and that the next 2+ months of pregnancy are uneventful & restful. I will post more when I know more. Thanks, and have a great day, it looks to be a beautiful one!