Wednesday, September 20

Wordless Wednesday


I found this crawling through the wet grass, crying for its mother. I made a nest of dried grass and hoped for her return. Steve later informed me that it looked like a baby rat. Ewwwwww.

(I'm guessing that MD is totally cringing right now!)

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crygibb said...

I hope it found its mommy. Looks kind of like a rat. Did you ever find out what it was?
Happy Wed. my ww is up too.

janice said...

I am sure it probably is a rat. Which grosses me out beyond belief. but also makes my heart break because ultimately it is just a baby needing a mommy.

as for whether we should have words on WWs - I imagine some people may be strict on this, but I just do whatever is best for the post. I am most interested in a good post. I didn't invent WW and so I apologize to the inventors for corrupting it with words. I usually keep mine wordless if i can - but if it is better with the words - then I add them. I suppose that might be a faux pas - but oh well.

glad you joined in!!

so nice to meet you :)