Monday, September 18

I'm So Excited I'm Vibrating

Happy Birthday to me.....

Special Presentation:
The Lord of the Rings Symphony

October 13 , 14; 8:00 pm
with the Minnesota Orchestra,Minnesota Chorale and Minnesota Boychoir

Markus Huber, conductor

This spectacular multi-media event has filled concert halls worldwide. With more than 200 musicians performing Howard Shore’s unforgettable score from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, plus original illustrations and storyboards projected above the stage, you’ll be part of a magical, musical journey to Middle-earth. Costumes welcome! Posted by Picasa


Mommy said...

Officially jealous. But with little Samwise arriving sometime around then, I couldn't go anyway. So, happy birthday to you and I hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

According to Tim, a LoTR and Tolkien enthusiast, the music followed the story more than the movie ... Howard Shore should have gotten an Oscar for all 3 movies.


- #1 SIL