Sunday, May 8

The sound of silence (yeah right)

Here's something funny.

Mudge has not slept a wink all day (that's not the funny part), so we went for a walk and got her to fall asleep in the stroller. I thought it would be way too risky to move her from the stroller into the house, so she's sleeping outside on the patio.

While I'm slaving away at the desk I notice that there is this incredible racket coming from outside. I cannot believe this! He (being Steve) is actually mowing the lawn, on a mower so loud it's echoing through the house. What is he thinking!

So I quick run outside, sure that Mudge is wide awake and scared of this noise. Nope. She's out like a light!

How can he mow the lawn and his dd keeps sleeping? I can tiptoe around, so as not to wake her, and she laughs at me when I peek in on her. Arghhhhhh!

Happy Mother's Day!

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