Friday, May 6

Weather Obsession

It's common knowledge among close friends & family that I'm a weather nut. Had I not started a family I could easily have been a storm chaser (can you just see the hubby and me tearing down dirt roads just to turn tail and run from some twister?).

I love to look at weather radar and guess the next move of a storm system. I LOVE to watch the western sky and watch the clouds build. And when those clouds start changing shapes & colors, oh man! The Lord knows this about me and blessed me with the most awesome western view of the sky possible, right from my window!

Years ago, I even looked into the degree in meteorology offered in St. Cloud, MN, but I hate math (sorry Jake & Brian): and, well, "math is kinda important in forecasting the weather" as I was told by Mr. D at Canoe Bay.

So, I'm left with old wives tales and past experience as tools for forecasting, which is way more fun and a lot less expensive than college ; ). I like to visit this site, just to dream.

I'd love to hear back from some of you... what did you dream of being when you grew up?


the dahls said...

I always wanted to be an archeaologist. I wanted to live in exotic places and discover things like Indian ruins, etc. Mysteries and hidden treasure... ahh... As a mom I've channeled this passion into what else?
garage sale-ing!

JAH said...

I wanted to be an English teacher......"but I ain't got no degree!!"

Throughout my schooling I had a passion for English. Give me a sentence to dissect any day. Which in turn, will make any frog a "happy camper".

Teacher informs class that their assignment is to read a book by Shakespeare. Boy goes to library and appears confused browsing the book section. Librarian asks "may I help you young man?" "Yes" he replies. "I'm looking for a book by Shakespeare". "Which one" the librarian inquires. "William" said the boy.