Friday, January 19

Lest I Forget

After seeing Hubby & Bud off Wednesday morning, the Lord showed me his handiwork in the eastern sky. While puttering around out at my desk I glanced out the window and something wasn't quite right. I ran to get my binoculars & camera, hoping the whole way that I didn't just see a plane falling from the sky.

With my binoculars I was able to see a comet, for the first time. I missed the whole Haley's Comet thing when it happened, so this was very exciting! I quickly Googled space news and found out that this is the Comet McNaught.

Very neat, only wish I could have gotten a better shot, or that I could share with you what I saw through the binoculars. Very cool.
Thanks God!

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Mommy said...

Reminds me of a "falling star" we saw on the way to Applebee's the other night (wish you could have come). I've never seen one so bright and long-lasting-- I thought for sure I was going to see an explosion as it hit earth! :) It was breath-taking!

"How great You are! How small I am."

Jodi said...

Oh cool! I've been waiting for you to post it . . . sitting in a hotel in Miami right now. ;)

Have a great week! We'll have to schedule a kayaking trip when I get back. My DH bought me a PDF for my "birthday" (in two months LOL).

fannie said...

Wow, what an awesome sight that must have been. What a thrill to actually see it!!!! Thanks for sharing. What a mighty God we serve!

Jodi said...

OK, two weeks later I realized that my husband did NOT buy me a PDF . . . he bought me a PFD! It really needs to warm up b/c I've been spending too much time on the computer and not enough time on the water!