Wednesday, March 1

Weather Warnings

Our little clan headed north this past weekend for some R & R. We really had a good time. We played at an indoor waterpark in Duluth on Sunday night, and then went exploring the north shore of Wisconsin on Monday. Very beautiful!

We were expecting to see tons of snow in and around Brule and Ashland. We thought wrong. They have only slightly more than us. This seemed really strange to me. I'd been watching the weather warnings & forecasts for that area for the whole previous two weeks before our trip. I wanted to know what we should anticipate for snow depths while we were out on dead-end roads and river landings. According to all that I'd seen, there should have been tons of snow. It really seemed strange to me.

Is our national forecasting system that messed up? I'm beginning to wonder who these forecasts are intended for. Is it the "no common sense, needs to be told everything, including don't go out today it might snow flurry, kind of person"? That same person who doesn't carry gloves and a hat with them when it's ten degrees outside?

Maybe I'm becoming crotchety in my middle-age, but we should just lighten up on the over-zealous forecasting, already.

At the risk of sounding like an old grump; when I was a kid, winter storm warnings meant: get extra provisions, don't plan to travel, and expect to be shoveling afterward. Now it just means: expect something, maybe. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf.

And on a related note....

Has anyone else noticed that the more days the forecast is for, the less accurate the forecast for the next couple of days? Now really.... who needs to know what the weather is supposed to do 7-10 days from now? I would appreciate an accurate idea of the next 3-5 days, thank you.

Wow, I just read this post. I need to quit grumping now. Besides, I need to check the weather radar.

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Anonymous said...

I think want you really wanted to say in your last sentence instead of ("I need to quit grumping now")

was I need to "Chill Out"