Sunday, March 27

Anderson Adventures

Anderson Adventures
Good Morning!
Happy Easter! He is risen, as He said! (Matt:28:6)

Isn't today just great! I can't wait to get to church this morning and praise Him! I hope your day is filled with wonder!

This morning I came down and Bud asked me where the eggs were (we colored eggs last night). I told him that they were in the fridge and he said that the Easter Bunny must be coming later. I felt this was a good time to tell him there was no rabbit. He immediately said, "oh, I know that." But I'm pretty sure he didn't, he was just acting wise. So then he said that he used to think that it was a man that traveled around with a big truck and delivered eggs. : )

I just wanted to clarify something here...
We allow our kids to believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny. We don't get into the Halloween witches & ghosts thing, but they do trick or treat while dressed up as something fun and real. I believe that as long as they know Jesus, trust Him & love Him thoroughly, then a little childhood wonder is okay. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of these make-believe things.

So, now I'm running short on time before church. Gotta run. Have a great day.

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