Sunday, March 20

Hanging Out @ home on a Sunday

I'm finding that I really like Sundays after church. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy being with our church family in the morning, too. But Sunday afternoons are turning into an enjoyable part of my week. Normally there is no plan. We just kind of hang out together, the 5 of us. Right now Steve and the kids are spinning homemade tops on the floor. Earlier Steve and I were able to have a great, uninterrupted conversation, while Mudge slept and the older two built a snow fort. Later I know there will be some quiet time, as Mudge sleeps some more and Bud & Sis have some SSR (sustained, silent, rest). Steve plans on more sheetrocking, but we'll see. We hope to attend evening service tonight, the 1st time in over a year. Sis has just been too squirrely to sit still for an hour. I'll be sure to pack her a busy bag.

I was challenged today in Sunday school. To be diligent in my home, taking care not to be distracted. I find that lately I've become a slave to the computer. The blog sites I visit are so informative, but I can easily spend too much time "surfing". I find that I'm too "busy", with no actual plan to accomplish tasks. I really want, and need, to get organized. I'm excited to start taking the baby steps needed to get on track.

As dinner time is calling, I wish you all a great week!

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