Friday, September 2

House addition photos

For those of you family, and friends, who haven't seen the addition yet, here are a few before/after shots. Now, I do have to say, I miss the original look of the front of the house. But we gained such an awesome master bedroom & bathroom! Once the landscaping is done, our house will finally be finished. Well, except for the interior trim, of course, but that never gets done, right? : )

(as seen from our road)


Before (as seen from our west driveway)

During (the final phase of building)

After (our much-enjoyed, west-facing, sunset-viewing, storm-watching covered porch)


fannie said...

I had no idea you guys were adding this on! It looks fabulous!!

Can I move in? :-)

the dahls said...

Now show us the inside... I know it's beautiful!