Tuesday, October 11


Has anyone else noticed that the general media is no longer reporting on the dire needs of the gulf region? How 'bout the towns that were obliterated? Literally wiped. off. the. map. Where do these people go now? Do you think they're being helped? At first I assumed so, but there are countless sites out there saying otherwise. What in the world is going on?! How much money does it take to get our citizens drinking water, food, diapers, clothing, temporary housing? Just what is/was FEMA for? Are we not better prepared for disaster than THIS? God help us if there is truly a nation-wide need. Terrorism, bio-chemical, nucleur, whatever.... Oh, my thoughts are running crazy right now. I'm going to stop here. Too confused, too angry.

If there is anyone out there who knows of a ligitimate, proven way to get supplies directly where they're needed, please post it here.

Here's a link to a young man's site, concerning the devastation that his family has seen, and just what a mess things are down there. Please pray for them.

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