Sunday, January 1

(This post is for Mom & Dad) When I was a kid, for many years, we made the trip to the craft strore and loaded up on ceramic ornaments. We'd sit and paint at the kitchen table, all four of us, for hours. Then we'd admire each other's handiwork. It was lots of fun and it's neat to look at them now just remember that time, which seems so long ago now. If I didn't have the ornaments as proof, I'd wonder if it really happened because it's seems so long ago. So anyway, here are pictures of a couple of the most memorable painted treasures, as well as a pic of a mouse that my Gram made. This first one is dated 1984, and I think I painted it. I kind of remember doing the detail on the wheels. You'd think I'd remember making these poor baby mice look so evil!

This will forever be remembered as Sticky Kitty. I don't know if the gold paint or the clearcoat spray is what left her sticky, but to this day, she is sticky enough to attract all kinds of fuzz, and she's dated 1979.

This is one of a gazillion of these mice that Gram made. She was very crafty! This mouse is very detailed for only being 2 inches tall. Also dated 1979.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane Mom, Dad, and Mike!

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Anonymous said...

Yes you did indeed paint the mice on the horse. I believe you thought you were being very "creative" with the eyes, and you were. As for "Sticky Kitty" were so excited about the Golden Kitty that you could not wait for it to dry completely, insisting that the clearcoat must be applied before your bedtime. I should have been more insistant about the consequences, but now I'm so happy I let you have your way!! Gram's Christmas mice will always be so very special and this posting was as well, very special to me.

Love You,