Friday, May 5

Catch up

One month ago, today, the kids and I went to a fun activity in RL. The evening consisted of a pasta dinner, 3 different craft stations where the kids got to make instruments, and then a concert given by a man who sang traditional kid songs and played acoustic guitar. The best part of the night was watching how well-behaved our kids were. I was amazed (appalled) at how some parents allowed their kids to behave! So much disrespect for their parents, so much meanness, so out of control. I came away feeling like we must be doing something right. Choosing to discipline when needed, choosing not to be passive, and choosing to pay attention! The payoff is HUGE! We enjoyed a fun, stress-free night. What a blessing!
Here are a few pics of the kids at the event:

Bud making a tamborine.

Working together to make maracas.

The sisters dancing to their own music.

Mudge in her chariot.
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The girls in their Easter best. Bud was changed out of his before I could snap a shot.

Easter afternoon at a park in Prairie Farm. We forged new trails in the woods, checked out the dam on the lake, and played on the teeter-totter. Mudge & I vs. Bus & Sis.

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Bud turned 9(?!?!?!?) on the 24th and we spent a fun evening in Chippewa Falls at a motel with a small waterpark. We had a great time, and believe me when I tell you that the car ride home was silent! They were all asleep before we hit the freeway.

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fannie said...

How fun! Bud sure looks like his daddy!
Did you make those beautiful dresses?