Monday, August 7

Getting a Jumpstart on Field Trips

Back in mid-July the kids & I ventured north to visit The Potters Shed. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we came away feeling like we'd stumbled on a treasure! It is definitely a "do-over". There's a gallery that showcases pottery from artists from across the nation. There was a spot to stand and watch the artists work on pieces. Then, as you ventured out a side door, you were greeted with the best part of the whole place (in my opinion). There was the prettiest rock gardens, fountains, a goldfish pond, patio dining, and a covered porch with hammock chairs to lounge in. In a neighboring building there was an excellent sandwich shop, a gift shop, and the public workshop where you could pick out a piece of greenware (brownware?), glaze it, and then watch it be fired. Bud & Sis each glazed a vase, and then we had the best deli sandwiches out on the patio. We listened to deep-toned wind chimes, birds singing, and the fountain bubbling. Once our vases were fired, we loaded up to head home and all agreed that we would be back again!

Potter's Shed
Jul 19, 2006 - 10 Photos

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Jodi said...

My (ahem, I mean OUR :o) homeschool group went there for a fieldtrip last year. I agree, definitely a do-over!