Thursday, February 22

Trouble with Pictures

Please comment if you are having trouble viewing the pictures from the previous posts. I'm not sure what the problem is. I don't remember having trouble like this before blogger beta.


Hindto said...

I've had a bunch of problems too, just my pictures showing up as little 'x' It must have something to do w/the Blogger. If I Blog from 'my pictures', things are fine, it's when I BLOG from Picasa that I have trouble. (Which is a bummer b/c I can't alter my pictures)

I too recently updated to Blogger Beta--then left for vaacation and when I came back noticed the problems. Hopefully it is something they will fix. I tried to send them a message on the help/groups thing...never got a response. Im not sure how to contact them w/blogger issues?

Good Luck!

Tammy said...

You are correct that it only happens from Picasa. If you want pictures, apparently you have to do it from bloggers post screen, where you insert pictures into the post. It is time consuming, it is a hassle, and it is an infamously well-known issue in the Blogger world. There is a huge amount of information to be found on this on the blogger forum, e found at the dashboard. Good luck!