Saturday, March 31

In Which I Sing Praises to PaperbackSwap

Over a year ago I heard about the PaperBackSwap site. I visited it, thought it was a pretty cool idea, but never signed up. Fast forward to this last January while hubby & I were cleaning out the totes in the basement. We found 2 or 3 totes full of paperbacks that we've both saved over the last 20+ years.

Now usually I'm not one to part with a book, unless it's a stinker, like say.... Wicked. (I just couldn't get into that one. I'm not the only one either, I heard.) I had been holding on to books from when I was a teen for pete's sake. So we divvied up his & her books. He will not part with his Tarzan or his Men from Mars books, so they went back in his tote. The books that I was soon to be parted with filled a tote all their own, so off I went to sign up with PaperBackSwap.

Literally within minutes of signing up with the site, which is FREE, I was getting requests for my books! Within the 1st 4 hours I had already gotten rid of 8 books, and I was finding books that I wanted on the site too. It was like Christmas morning! Once a member receives a book that they've requested, the sending member receives a credit. For every credit you get, you can "spend" it on a book from another member. It really is working out well for me. I've gotten at least 5 books that I've had on my Amazon wishlist for months! Do you know how much $ this has saved me? As long as you don't mind used books, or spending roughly $2/book to ship one out, then this a great way to get books!

My latest finds are 2 books that will be tremendously helpful for an early fall Boundary Waters canoe trip with my fellow WaterDiva, Jodi. One is written by a man that I was able to hear speak at Canoecopia last March, who totally made my head spin with his knowledge of canoe camping. And the other one is called The Complete Wilderness Paddler, and it gets great reviews! I can't wait until they get here.

All that to say... people, get on over to PaperBackSwap! List your books, get more books! Too much fun.

I know.... it doesn't take much to entertain me. lol.

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Jodi said...

Hey, cool! I'm not one to part with books, either, but I'm gonna go digging through MY old totes.

And yuck on the Wicked book. I think I told you how much I hated it. Didn't even get past the first few chapters.

You feeling better?