Tuesday, April 24

Elvis who?

The girls & I have been enjoying loud volumes of Elvis, Presley not Costello, on our jaunts to gymnastics or other errands. Tonight was no exception. Allow me to share what I overheard from the back seat:

{Stuck On You, playing in the background}

Mudge: Who dis?

Sis: It's Elvis.

Mudge: Alice?

Sis: Nooooo, Elvis!

Mudge: Alice?

Sis (becoming exasperrated): Nooooo! Elvis!

Mudge (knowingly): Oh...... Alice!

Sis: Arrrgh! (slapping her forehead with open hand).

I couldn't help but laugh from the front seat. My girls can argue about ANYTHING!

Even Elvis!


Jodi said...

I can't believe you're corrupting your kids' minds with that stuff. You'd better get some Simon & Garfunkel before their minds turn to mush. :P

Tammy said...


Considering the source here, I think I'll just stick with Elvis. Clearly your mind had already turned to mush. Remember, I watched you try to pull your sprayskirt down over your PFD. (That's nerdy kayaking lingo for you sayin' "huh?"), and if that wasn't a hoot. : )

Anonymous said...

Next time JoJo tell Mudge........

ALICE has left the building!!!

............THIS IS ELVIS!!!!


Grandma Jo