Tuesday, April 3

It's Here!

To make a long story short ('cause, boy do I need a nap), our building is here. We were up at 5 am to meet the trucker, unloaded steel beam after steel beam, stacked them in the yard, and then signed on the bottom line. We now officially own a 50' X 100' building! Yikes!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers this morning! The rain held off until right at the very end. The truck driver was very patient, and helpful, and we had no mishaps with forklifts or skidsteers. I did my best to be helpful, without being in the way. So I visited a lot with the driver and shuffled boards to stack beams on.

Steve unloaded the whole semi truck in the allotted 2 hours, give or take 1/4 hour. I don't think the driver minded though, as I filled him up with pancakes, bacon, & coffee beforehand.

So, now that the adrenaline is wearing off, and I've taught Sis her school for the day, I do believe I'll be taking that nap now. Sorry to all of you that are dreading the approaching storm. I'm really looking forward to a weather event to distract me, even if only momentarily, from thinking about the coming weeks/months of erecting this building.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, and you feel like playing construction worker for awhile, feel free to stop by and don your hard hat!

Pix from this morning:

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For those of you that are thinking, "Where is it?!" Let me tell you, Steve unloaded 28,500 lbs of steel this morning, which included 102 sheets of steel siding that are stacked flat. For my church family reading this... imagine the size of our church gymnasium. That's how big this will be. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around this..... oh. my.


Jodi said...

Hooray! Now get some sleep!

Mommy said...

So, can we walk laps in it during inclement weather? :)

I'm so glad that things went well!