Tuesday, May 8

Loss (the good kind)

Yep. That's a new button on the sidebar. I've often wondered about blogs that have SO many of them. How can they possibly have time to visit them all, or be affiliated with them? It seems like so much busyness! So this is a stretch for me.

I intend to participate in the May Day weight loss challenge, and part of participating is being accountable. Linking to the challenge, posting about my goals & plan of action, and then sticking to it. Accountability.

Now don't even start on me. I've mentioned wanting to shed pounds to various people and I hear, "Why? You look great." While I don't necessarily agree, I should point out that I'm doing this because of how I feel, not how I feel I look. I have minimal energy, less stamina, and a closet full of clothes that haven't been worn since Mudge. Getting into those favorite, comfy jeans of mine is one of the goals.

So, for the next 6 months or so, I hope to keep up on weekly posts about this challenge. And if the thought of yet another mom fussing over her weight bores you (and I don't blame you), then click on over to waterdivas.net to see what Jodi & I are up to. Maps! Web Albums! A video! A multi-woman trip on the Mississippi in 4 days!

This kayaking gig? Yet another reason to shed some pounds. I rather have the extra weight I'm lugging around be my gear, not my rear.


Robin said...

Good luck! I am in the challenge too. We have to do what we know is best for us. I look forward to reading of your success in the weeks ahead.

molly said...

Funny. I just e-mailed you about walking. Hee Hee.

While I won't be able to join you in the weight-loss venture at this point, I'll high-five you as we meet weights here soon, and then jump on board as soon as my milk supply regulates. I WILL NOT carry extra weight from our "little caboose" on my caboose!

Mommy said...

I've been thinking about getting in on the May Day Challenge, too. My goal weight is getting closer, but I could use the accountability...and it's always more fun to rejoice about weight loss with others than to just keep it to myself. :)

Jodi said...

Count me in. I'm already down 4 lbs. in the past two weeks.

A Juggling Mum said...

Just popped in to wish you not luck but success with the challenge :)


Rachel xxx