Saturday, September 29

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

Some of you might know that we dropped our land line last Thursday in exchange for lightening fast DSL service & 2 cell phone #'s. Since then our "lightening fast" DSL has been intermittent at best.

I've spent hours (yes, hours) on the cell phone with their tech support. One guy even wanted me to repeatedly enter my login & password in order to "trick" the server. I laughed. Did he want me to sneak up on it too? We've had multiple visits from their local technician, a fellow we've known for years who tells us he's retiring from said company in January because they are so frustrating.

Because I can only take so much nonsense, I took matters into my own hands.

Today, which is day #9 of this fiasco, during another "episode of disconnect" I manipulated the modem/router, started from scratch with log-ins & passwords, and received an entirely new error message.

"password not valid, please verify & try again"

Please! This is the very same password that I've used for my internet connections for the last 10 years! Suddenly you don't want to recognize it?! I did not type it in wrong. I did not have my CAPS LOCK on. I know this password like my body knows how to breathe. What is going on?!

So guess who I called? Again. This time, for the first time, I was connected with a very sweet, English-speaking, woman. She was to the point, asked for specifics, and did not leave me waiting while she "conferred with an associate."

She reset my password, we said our adieus and I've been surfing, just fantastically, ever. since.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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