Tuesday, February 19

Coloring Pages

I wanted to share a link with all of you homeschoolers....

We are studying Rain Forests in science right now, and I've found the most wonderful coloring pages to coincide with our studies. These aren't hokey, cartoonish pages either. They're beautiful! Some of them show a colored, smaller version of picture, so the kids have a color guide. I love it!

Here's the link.

Have fun! There are tons more on this site for other topics too, as well as the beloved mitten and hat characters of Jan Brett.

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Rach said...

Thank you for this link. Seth is writing a story about a lion, a tree frog, and a lemur for school. He has to illustrate it as well, so we printed out the tree frog and an animal that resembles a lemur as a reference.
We love Jan Brett as well. We have The Mitten and The Gingerbread Baby.