Tuesday, April 15

Cheep-Cheep, scratch-scratch - Round 2

A year ago last Saturday, we received 15 chicks in the mail. This is what was happening in our kitchen around that time:

Well, 3 weeks ago my friend Machelle asked if I would be willing to keep an incubator at my house to hatch some eggs. Why not?!


We currently have 9 newborns cheeping in the kitchen. There are more eggs in the incubator, so we'll see what happens today!

It is never dull here at Anderson Adventures!


Mommy said...

Quite the farm you're developing there. Did you get the hogs yet?

Tammy said...

Piglets will be arriving at the end of May. We're currently taking orders for whole or half hogs, all-natural pork, if any of you readers are interested.

De said...

I'm interested! Remind me to talk to you. lol

Rach said...

The chicks are soooo cute! I bet the kids love them!