Tuesday, May 6

Dinner Conversation

Tonight we had my BIL Joe over for supper. It was "Joe Appreciation Night" here at Anderson Adventures, as he has been making contributions of building materials to my growing farm (more on that later).

Our kids get so excited when Uncle Joe is here. He rough-houses with them, he tells them jokes, and he puts up with their shenanigans, for the most part. Tonight was no exception.

During dinner Bud was sharing stories about this & that. Sis was telling about loose teeth, baby chickens, etc. Finally Mudge piped up:

"Joe guess what! I went poop on the potty chair!

How do you top that?! All fell silent for a few seconds and then the house was filled with laughter.

Life with children is never dull!


Rach said...

He, he, heee!! (I'd never trade the noise from our dinner table for a silent one either.)

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Mudge to offer up the "Headline News of the Day!!"

I'm sure she will continue to give future updates on all her achievements!! Can't wait!!

Grandma Jo