Saturday, January 17


This past week I made real mashed potatoes to accompany the baked chicken. For added flavor I threw in a couple of tablespoons of Ranch Chip Dip, you know, a little extra zing. Spices with itty bitty chunks of carrot.

Well, Mudge wouldn't even touch her potatoes. We encouraged her to eat them, but she'd have nothing to do with them. This from the girl who normally devours mashed potatoes.

When we asked her why she didn't like them, she answered, "Cuz there's deer poop in them."


I may have my family try new things, but deer poop is NOT one of them.



Betsy said...

Too funny! I wouldn't eat my mashed potatoes if there was poop in them either! Why does a good momma like you make them do that? ;)

Rach said...

Ha Ha Haaaa! Lucas and I both had a good laugh at this one! Tell Mudge that Seth doesn't like wierd taters either. I'll have to tell you about that sometime. :D