Tuesday, December 13

In Exchange for His Summer

There's certainly a lot of life that has happened since my last post. I may or may not ever get caught up on posting it here....

We made deal with Bud when we moved back. Commit yourself to building a house with us during the summer of '11, and in return, you can pick out:

a) a mountain bike of your choice
b) an ATV of your choice
c) money to put towards that future car.

Mountain biking is pretty shabby here, compared to Gunnison, and he's already got money in the bank for his car. So, it was a no-brainer.

He searched this out on eBay, talked it over with Steve, and a speed-run was made to the southern part of the state to pick it up.

It is incredibly fast, loud, and grey hair-producing for this mom. But he's so good on it, proud of it, and he truly deserves it after this past grueling summer of house building.

Love you Bud!

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Rach said...

Way to go, Bud!! :D