Monday, July 18

Stop the ride, I want to get off!

I realized that I'd been neglecting my blog, but then wondered when it was I could've actually typed something. The last two weeks have passed at warp speed; but thankfully it looks like things might slow down some. Bud & Sis were enrolled in swim lessons for 2 weeks in the big city to the north. This meant more time on the road than actually in the pool. Somewhere in there was the 4th of July parade, which hubby was in. He drove this:

Steve was told that he'd be hauling a couple of war vets. He was happy to do it, but he was just amazed at the "politics" involved in lining up the parade participants. It got ugly, so I'm told. What a shame.

Of course, the weather during this whirlwind couple of weeks has been hotter than blazes! So I broke down and bought the kids this:

Then of course, Mom has to let loose too! I went kayaking down the Brule river with these two characters. We had a ball. The river empties into Lake Superior, 8 miles from where we put in. We paddled hard, trying to miss all the rocks, only to hit them anyway. My boat got pinned and quickly filled up to the rim with water, but I got it to shore and bailed it out. Yes, my heart was racing.

This was our view as we rounded the last bend of the Brule. It's a breaker where the river empties into Lake Superior. Steve & the kids met us here and then we went camping.

We camped at Amnicon Falls, we hiked Saturday night (yes, after paddling 8 miles), and then we roasted multiple marshmallows each. Yum.

On Sunday we went in search of a place to swim in Lake Superior. Now, normally we wouldn't even think to do this, but it was 92 in the shade in Superior that day. So the water felt great. Here the kids are playing in the Middle River, it too empties into Superior. The water was colored by the clay shoreline.

This was the view from our lawn chairs. It was awesome.

Mudge especially liked splashing in the river water. She especially DID NOT like the waves of Superior lapping up against her belly.

And this was bliss on the way home Sunday.

This last pic is for Jon. You have such a cutie! We love her to pieces! Posted by Picasa

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