Friday, July 8

What is Wrong with People? and Thank you Lord!

I wasn't going to blog about a run-in we had with a customer on Friday the 1st, but I just need to vent!

Last November a total stranger approached Steve about doing some restoration work on a couple of British armored vehicles. This fellow seems to think he's a collector of sorts. Steve is always up for a challenge in the automotive world, so he agreed. So, the day that Mudge entered the world, 2 military "tanks" were delivered to our home/shop.

Almost 8 months later, the man is at a loss concerning parts availability. So he's basically stuck with these two "tanks" that he can't reasonably get parts for. So he decided to pass the buck of frustration. He showed up here Friday with a semi-trailer, loaded one of the units up, and proceeded to drive the other one up the road and parked it in our ditch. He said he'd be back later for it. He then informed Steve that he felt that he'd paid Steve enough money at this point, didn't care how many hours Steve's got invested in them, he's not paying one more dime. Well, when you do the math, it's 47 hours Steve's not getting paid for. Can. you. believe. it?! I'm at a loss for words.

We had a sheriff deputy here because the man was getting hostile. Thankfully our two oldest children weren't home at the time, and don't know anything about this. But it looks like we'll pursue this matter in court, and will just have to deal with this delusional man some more. And I can't forget to mention this curious detail. This man has been, or is currently involved in 29 court cases in two Wisconsin counties, since 1997. Over a third of them are claims against him for money owed. Can. you. believe. it?!

Okay Lord, what is the lesson here?

But, on a much happier note......

Our friend Buddy sold our Corvette for us! Hurray! We really didn't want to try to sell it 'cause we just didn't know where to start. So Buddy cleaned it up just perfectly, and was able to sell it for exactly what we wanted. Thank you Lord! That was such a blessing! Such a fun car to drive, but for a family of five, need I say more? Thanks again Buddy!


A little history here....

A couple of years ago we bought our Astro van from our pastor. Lots of miles, some rust, decent interior, LOTS of little quirky problems. But alas, hubby is a mechanic! No worries!


I can't take these little quirks anymore. The power windows work when they want, which isn't good when it's raining cats/dogs (right MD? : ). The air conditioner died last summer. Pair that with temperamental windows and you've got a rolling sauna. Then there's the phantom wipe. You know... the window wiper that swipes because you hit that bump in the road?

The last straw was after an overnight deluge. We rushed out to the van to head to swimming lessons, only to find the driver's seat soggy and the dome light stuck on. We'd made it to the corner when I noticed that the dome light switch was hot to the touch. We made it back home, and Steve was able to tear the dash apart in time to find a molten mass of plastic wire connections. So, now we don't have dash lights. Arrghhhhhh!

I said, "I think we need to start looking for a different vehicle." The ever-agreeable Steve said, "yup." So off to Ebay I went, and tonight Steve is off to Missouri to pick up our Jeep. : )

I've never been a mini-van kinda gal. Give me my Jeeps! How many mom's can say they took their daily driver through this:

And then drove it home? Oh what fun, what fun.

So, we've bought a full size Jeep Wagoneer and Steve, Bud, and bro-in-law Joe are on their merry way to retrieve it. I pray their trip is uneventful, fun, and safe. We could use some "uneventful" after the past week or so of trials.

Well, I've just noticed the time, and I figure I should get some shut eye before the morning comes all too soon.

Good night, God bless, and thanks for letting me vent.

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