Sunday, February 5

Interesting Perspective

Thank you Thicket Dweller at Today's Lessons for posting Bono's speech from the National Prayer Breakfast. I found it all very interesting, especially this part:

A number of years ago, I met a wise man who changed my life. In countless ways, large and small, I was always seeking the Lord's blessing. I was saying, you know, I have a new song, look after it. I have a family, please look after them. I have this crazy idea...

And this wise man said: stop.

He said, stop asking God to bless what you're doing.

Get involved in what God is doing - because it's already blessed.

Isn't that an interesting perspective? At this very moment God is doing something and if we would just jump right in, and be a part of the blessing..... really makes me think.

If you'd like to read his whole speech click here.

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