Thursday, February 2

This was the first of, what I hope to be, many outings for some of the young moms from our church. We met at Applebees, ate 1/2 price appetizers, and talked smart. It was fun, and the waitress was patient. We plan on trying to meet once a month. Suggestions for activities are welcome. I mentioned the skating rink, but no one seconded. What's up with that?

Mudge had a great time riding bike with the big kids at Sis' b-day party. There were some close calls on collisions, but no major injuries.

The pinata was a big hit, (get it? big hit? okay nevermind)

Doodle (lower left) was the one who finally brought down the pinata, and I believe he had the biggest haul on candy!

The caterwauler.

Sis loves her magnadoodle. She drew me a moom, I mean moon. Cutie-patootie.

This is frownie-face. Sorry 'bout the nose. This is the look I frequently get when I say "no".

This is our queenie, watching Sis head out to the bus.

And caterwauler, I mean Tina, watching her girl run out to the bus.


Jodi said...

OK, now why couldn't you have waited until AFTER I was called out before yout took that picture?

That picture of the cat looking out the window is beautiful! Great shot!

Mommy said...

And there is Marilyn, looking down over us all...over my head especially. :)