Monday, June 26

A New Kayaking Buddy!

Cartoon Living: Kayaks!

One can never have enough kayaking buddies! Now, if I do the math right, and if James buys another kayak, that means that all of the Erb sisters can go! And for the record Mommy, I was kayaking when I was 8 1/2 months along. : )

Okay, can you tell I'm excited?


Jodi said...

You're doing the math right! I never thought of getting the Three Sisters out there together.

Isn't this exciting??? :oD

PS - I think Mommy will probably be brave enough to kayak while pregnant. After all, she was playing volleyball well past this point when she was pregnant with Boo.

Mommy said...

Not afraid to kayak. Just worried you won't be able to get me out. Tee-hee. :)

I would LOVE to go!

Now, Ringmaster, you need to come run/walk the Fishy Four with the Three Sisters on Saturday. How's that for a challenge?

fannie said...

You guys are gonna have so much fun!!!