Saturday, July 1


Yesterday we hit the beach. Had a great time, water isn't too green yet. Brought the camera but found that I'd forgotten to insert memory card. Alas, no cute shots of kids in green water.

Fast forward...

Played a game from my youth last night called Mexican Horseshoes (Thanks Dad!) The kids love it, Steve loves it, it's a hit. Ran inside to grab the camera, and memory card. Card is not in the card reader OR the camera. This is not good.

My theory: Little Mudge fingers found little memory card plugged into computer. Lost for good, or at least until the new memory card arrives from ebay.

Why can't a memory card come up missing during the doldrums of winter? Does it have to vanish right before a family reunion, 4th of July, and vacation time?

Well, of course.

Thank goodness for ebay, and FedEx.

Happy 4th of July! Take lots of pictures of the ones you love!

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Kathy said...

We have a second memory card. I will bring it if I can find it ...