Tuesday, July 25

New Toy , Plus, The Decision's Made

Hubby is continually coming across great deals. The man is famous for buying and selling things for an amazing profit. This is a common occurrence, that I'm somewhat used to, and I just love how he credits the Lord for the blessings! In recent months he has been blessed with a tractor-loader-backhoe, a wire-feed welder, an industrial air compressor, a scissors lift (which is an enclosed platform that you climb onto and then are lifted up, kind of like an electric scaffold), and various other things that he will either keep and use or sell. All of these things have been purchased with the idea that they are of great use, will save us time & money, or will be sold for a profit.

Sometimes though, in spite of all the good reasoning, I suspect a toy. You know the saying, "boys & their toys." I can't possibly raise a fuss though, with all of the good his "treasures" have done us.


After much deliberation, and just plain nerve-wracking price comparisons, I've settled on this toy

Allow me to justify...

I have a steady flow of data entry for our business. I can now do it in the kitchen (the hub of activity) instead of in our bedroom. Thus, I am more available to my family, and am there to witness Mudge scale the bookshelves rather than hear about it second hand!

Our "game" machine will soon be needed for Bud's homeschooling as he will be using Switched on Schoolhouse, which is computer-based. In addition, a laptop will be ever so handy on extended trips to keep up on his studies. Ahem... I will sacrifice my laptop for this cause.

And last, but not least...

Our current business computer, which is 5 years old, will soon find itself in a new home! On a countertop, in our new shop, which we hope to break ground for in the very near future! There. I've said it. The cat's out of the bag. For those of you close to us, we pulled out of the bidding war for the blue building. We have moved on to plan B, which is to remove our land from the forestry project, and build east of the house.

We hope to have the cement slab down and the shell up before the snow falls. Which, I'm finding, is typically how we time things around here. We have plans to expand, and hire at least one person at this point. We have someone in mind, he knows it, and we're hoping that it works out for all parties involved. Please pray for us, specifically in this area. If this person were to join us, it would be a huge decision for he & his wife. It would involve him leaving a secure position, a house sale, etc. Very messy stuff. He's the one we want though, and we hope it's God's will for this man to join Steve in this endeavor.

Exciting stuff I tell ya! It is never dull around here.

Speaking of "never dull", I just came back from our master bath. I kid you not. There was a frog trying to hop past the shower curtain to get into the shower! I guess it's raining so hard out right now the frogs are coming inside for shelter!

So this concludes tonight's post. I have a lightening show to go and enjoy, as well as an appointment with the sandman.

good night.

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Jodi said...

Congratulations on the toy! I imagine you already know this, but I can confirm that you won't be sorry. I can't imagine what I ever did without my laptop, especially with homeschooling.

Best wishes on your new venture! I hope it all goes well.

And wasn't that thunderstorm just the BEST? I've so missed them this summer.